Participation in the Live Oak Jaguars sports Programs provides kids an opportunity to perform in an organized, supervised, safety-oriented environment. Our programs emphasize fun for all and encourage the development of qualities important long after their Jaguar days are gone. Weight limits are not used to discriminate against children.
Football Program...
Live Oak Jaguars provides flag football and tackle football divided into brackets by
age only.We currently have (Flag ages 4-5) Tackle (Midget age 6-7) (Rookies ages 8-9) (Juniors ages 10-11), (Seniors ages 12-13)
No Weight Limits. Age as of August 1 of current year. Seasons are comprised of up to 8 regular season games and several rounds of playoffs which concludes with a State Championship game.
Cheer Program...
Live Oak Jaguars provides cheerleading divided into brackets by age only. Each season the cheerleaders cheer for the football games and then conclude with a State Cheer Competition. We offer cheerleading from ages 5-13.
Background Checks...
Parents can rest assured that Criminal Background Checks, Coaches Certification
and other special training is required and accomplished by this organization which
is also required by TYFA. Abuse is not tolerated in the Live Oak Jaguars
Time Commitments...
Time commitments depends on many things such as volunteering for pre-season
fundraisers etc. It depends on if you volunteer to coach. The total possible (official)
time commitment for your child is around 20 weeks (August thru mid-December).
Most teams practice 5 days a week for 2 hours per practice for the first few weeks
and then drop to 3 days a week for 2 hours each practice once school starts.

Mandatory Play Rule...
There is none. The Live Oak Jaguars does not force any team to play a child a
certain amount of plays. We do recommended to each team that they provide the
opportunity for the child to play as long as they show up to practice, are trying to
learn, are not disciplinary problems etc. There are leagues that have mandatory
play, but from experience, we know that the methods some coaches use to get the
kids those plays doesn't actually provide the child any real benefit other than
getting them on the field. "Stand over there and don't move or Go way out there
and just run down the field" doesn't really cut it. Some of these leagues actually
give these children a derogatory name: "Play Burners".
LoJaguars Check Policy...
In the unlikely event that your check is returned for insufficient or held funds, you
will be charged an additional fee of $25.00. Your check will be returned to you and
full payment including the fee will be made in cash, money order or bank draft
within 5 calendar days. If payment is not received within 5 calendar days your child
will not be allowed to participate until debt is paid in full or other arrangements
have been made with the President of the Live Oak Jaguars. This policy is to
include Registration, Fundraising, and any other fees owed to the Live Oak Jaguars.

Refund Policy...
Registration refund minus the $25.00 deposit will only be given during the first 10 calendar days of practice. Refunds will be issued by U.S. mail only. No refunds will be given after the first 10 calendar days of practice. NO EXCEPTIONS!!
The LOJ Board of Directors will specify the fundraiser. You, as parents/guardians, are responsible for the merchandise and/or money. The merchandise and/or money must be picked up and returned at the designated time and place specified by the LOJ Board of Directors through your coach or team coordinator. Failure to comply will result in your son or daughter not being allowed to participate in practices, games or events until such time as the merchandise and/or money is picked up or returned. Those who are strongly opposed to participating in the fundraiser may be granted an exemption by paying the designated fee for each registrant.
In order to hold registration fees and deposits to a minimum, parents will be
expected to volunteer for activities such as working concession stand, playing field
preperations, chain crews, trash collection, etc. Failure to comply could cause
game forfeitures or other sanctions.
Our Program...
Our program is for the YOUTH and as such, LOJ cannot and will not permit
profanity, abusive language, alcohol use or any other conduct of a manner that
could be deemed offensive. This rule shall apply at practices, games and any other
LOJ events.
Parent Attendence...
Parents/guardians MUST timely attend your child’s practices and games - not only
to ensure the safety of your child, but also to instill confidence, support and
enthusiasm of the players and cheerleaders.
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