Again this season the Live Oak Jaguars have signed up with automated phone messaging system to be able to
deliver messages to parents and coaches about important
information, data and time changes etc.
Computers will call parents at the best number available for them
and read them a message from either the organization itself for
such things as practice cancellations etc or from the individual
coaches or team coordinator. The phone system will have a caller
ID of the individual coaches, team coordinator or 1-877-698-3261.
It will leave messages on answering machines and voice mail.
Please listen to your messages.
You can also call 1-877-698-3261 to listen to a missed message if
you cannot get it off of your voice mail. It will ask you to enter the
phone number that the Jaguars call to (i.e. your cell or whatever
number you told us was best). If you should change your number or
do not want your number called contact your coach ASAP.
Live Oak Jaguars
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