For those of you who do not know who this gentlemen is,
this is Al Hollins. Most of us know him as Al, Mr Al, Mr
Hollins, Coach Al, and even as "Evil Al". Al is the President
and CEO of the Live Oak Jaguars. Al formed the Jaguars in
1998. Al is also the Executive Director of TYFA. TYFA was
formed in 1995 and was the dream of Al Hollins and Brian
Morgan. Hollins and Morgan have created a league that is
fair, non-discriminatory and is a much needed alternative to
other leagues.

Everyone should have noticed by now the changes around
the park like the great looking football field, the new goal
post and the bleacher area, along with a new basketball
court and baseball field. You can thank Mr Al for these improvements.
Al spends numerous hours in meetings with the Live Oak City

Council and Parks & Recreation Department to get these
improvements for OUR children's use. Mr Al also has played
a big part in getting baseball brought back to the park. It is
Al's dream that all children regardless of weight, color,
religion or sex can participate in organized football and
cheerleading without discrimination. The Live Oak City Counsels vote was unanimous for the naming of the football field. To coincide with the slogan used by Al and TYFA
" Where Dreams Begin!" the football field has been named 
The Al Hollins Field Of Dreams"

So when you see Mr Al out at the park be sure to shake his
hand or give him a pat on the back and just say thank you for
helping to make your child's dream of playing football or
cheerleading and any other sport a dream come true.
"The Al Hollins Field Of Dreams"
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