To start with it does not cover the expense of supplying every player with new equipment. That would cost in excess of $300.00 per player. Football equipment
is very expensive to purchase. So in order to keep the cost of registration fees to
a minimum we rent the equipment to our players. The same goes for
cheerleaders. Equipment is replaced due to damage, theft, and safety issues. As
equipment is replaced some players will get something new but not every piece.
For those that do get new, it doesn't stay new for long. Your low registration
fee covers equipment replacement, administrative expenses, field maintenance
and officiating for home games. It also covers the certification cost and insurance fees.
Football equipment rental consist of, practice jersey, helmet, shoulder pads, 7
piece pads, and game uniform. These items MUST be returned at end of year.
We ask that parents supply practice pants, socks, 3 piece girdle, mouth piece, supporter and cleats.
Cheerleaders receive rental of uniform and pom poms.
We ask that parents supply the under pants, socks, shoes and misc items.
What does my registration fee cover?
Items that your registration fee does not cover:
Background Checks:
Where will practice be held?
The following includes cheer.
For the first 15 days practice will be 2 hours M-F 6:00pm - 8:00pm for
conditioning. Then we will go to 2 hours 3 days a week 6:00pm - 8:00pm. Adjustments will be made during Daylight savings time.
Jaguar staff and coaches uniforms. Staff are all volunteers that pay for their own.
Coaches and Volunteers certification fees and coaching attire. Again, everyone pays for their own. Website monthly fee, here again paid for by one of our volunteers. Miscellaneous purchases made by volunteers in support of your team.
Parents can rest assured that Criminal Background Checks, Coaches
Certification and other special training is required and accomplished by
this organization which is also required by TYFA. Abuse is not tolerated
in the Live Oak Jaguars Organization.
How Long is practice? (Fall Season Only)
The Live Oak Jaguars have the use of the Live Oak City Park for practice and home games.
How long does the season last? (Fall Season Only)
Our season starts in July and will end in mid December with the State Championship game.
Registration refund will only be given during the first 10 calendar days of
practice. No refunds will be given after the first 10 calendar days of
practice. NO EXCEPTIONS!!
Do you give refunds?
The Live Oak Jaguars does not force any team to play a child a certain
amount of plays.
Do you have a mandatory play rule?
How can I volunteer?
I am glad you asked. Just contact any staff member about being a volunteer. About 50% of our volunteers do not have children playing for the Jaguars. They volunteer for YOUR children. So, why aren't you volunteering?
We always need volunteers for team coordinator, coaching, chain crews,
field preparation, and concessions.
Yes. Having a fundraiser is our way of keeping our registration fees to a
minimum and being one of the lowest in the league.
Are we required to participate in fundraising?
Live Oak Jaguars
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